Top Ten Dating Tips For Men

There are a few men who think that if the girl says ‘yes’, it is enough. Thus, they don’t bother to do any special preparation for the date. However, the truth is if you are not prepared for the first date, you can never proceed to the second or third one. Your girl would judge by testing you on your first date to evaluate whether you are appealing enough to hang out with or not.

Here are six dating tips for men on what I think it means to win her heart.

1.) Express emotional vulnerability. The proof that you have feelings tells him that he can trust you. We all know that everyone has certain insecurities, and if you do not pass it on, they will think that you are putting a front to impress it.

2.) DO NOT be a coward. You must also convey that you are mature enough to handle your own emotions. It is good to take care of people and take care of them, but at the end of the day, the only person responsible for your emotions is you.

3.) Have good manners. Women do not want to be seen with a man with a low social standing, and if you are rude to friends, she is bound to question you. Keep the door open for her and be a good conversationalist.

4.) Not doing well to please her. Don’t be afraid to say something you might not agree with. The right kind of disagreement can really create attraction, and if you don’t apologize for being who you are right from the start, you will lay the foundation for an honest relationship.

5.) I see many women. You wouldn’t buy the first shirt you saw in the store before trying on others, would you? Dating a lot of women has a bad reputation, but it is crucial in personal growth and finding out what kind of woman you really want.

6.) Do NOT feel guilty because you only want a short relationship. Some women do not want it, but many are relieved to have the right kind from time to time. And not everyone wants the pressure of a long-term relationship.

7.) Keep your mind open. Being “kind” usually means being kind and not judging. Although demanding in certain contexts, having an open mind is a “cute type characteristic” that can become your greatest asset.

8.) DO NOT live in the future. “We’ll meet every Tuesday, okay?” conveys weakness. Guys say he’s afraid he’ll leave. Routines should never be defined, as the dynamics of the relationship change.

9.) Be honest with what you want. Sometimes it means hurting people’s feelings, but in the end it is better for both sides to be honest.

10.) Stay to a high standard. If there is anything you can improve about yourself, do it! This includes losing weight, gaining more money, time to reflect and do things and better next time.